At Nork Motor Engineering, we believe that a regular servicing is vital in maintaining and improving the condition of your vehicle. We understand that many motorists are concerned about the cost of owning and running a car these days, but we believe that a regular servicing more than pays for itself and will be a justifiable cost to all motorists.

These are some of the reasons why we believe that your vehicle needs to be serviced on a regular basis:

Servicing increases safety

When your car is serviced on a regular basis, the number of faults it is likely to have will decrease. At Nork Motor Engineering, we are big believers in prevention being better than the cure. When your car is examined by experts with experience and who know what they are looking for, it is likely that faults and issues will be found before they become too big. This means you will be safer on the road, which is an important issue for many motorists, especially when their loved ones are in the car.

Servicing increases performance

By having your car serviced on a regular basis, you will minimise the wear and tear on your vehicle. This helps to keep everything ticking over as it should, which means that the performance of your car stays at a consistent level. A car has a huge number of components and if a number of these components are operating at a lower level, your car will be slower or less responsive. By having your car serviced regularly, you will help to maintain the level of performance of these individual components.

Servicing can lower fuel costs

A well services car provides a greater level of fuel economy. Given the cost of fuel in the current climate, anything which allows you to use fuel more efficiently and effectively has to be seen as a positive thing for drivers. Knowing that you can save money in the short and long term is a great boon for motorists.

Servicing can maintain the value of your car

If you are looking to sell or part-exchange your car at some point, maintaining its condition is crucial to getting a fair price. Having your car serviced on a regular basis will ensure that it is kept in good condition and you will have a paper trail of the positive condition of your car over the time of your ownership. This is something that will strengthen your hand when determining the price or value of your car when it comes time to move on.



What Do We Carry Out During a Service?

Service Type Basic Annual Full Annual
Low Miles
Inspection Items
Are the Warning Lights On? Check Check
Handbrake Travel Check Check
Steering Operation Check Check
Clutch Operation Check Check
Engine Noise/Performance Check Check
Brake Pull/Noise Check Check
Transmission Noise/Operation Check Check
Engine Operation/Temperature Check Check
Speedometer Functional Check Check
Electrical and Lighting
Horn Operation Check Check
Front, Rear and Side Lights Check Check
Indicators/Hazard Lights Check Check
Fog and Number Plate Lights Check Check
Brake and Reverse Lamps Check Check
Ancillary Items
Wiper Operation/Condition Check Check
Washer Operation/Alignment Check Check
Windscreen and Mirror Condition Check Check
Steering Column Security Check Check
Pedal Rubber Condition Check Check
Fuel Cap Condition/Type Check Check
Door Locks and Hinges Lubricate Lubricate
Battery/Charging Systems
Battery Terminals Lubricate Lubricate
Battery Level Top Up Top Up
Battery Security Check Check
Battery Charging Check Check
Under the Bonnet
Power Steering Top Up Top Up
Auto Transmission Fluid Top Up Top Up
Cooling System Condition Check Check
Coolant Anti-Freeze Strength Top Up Top Up
Washer Bottles Top Up Top Up
Clutch Fluid Top Up Top Up
Clutch Hydraulics/Cable Check Check
Lubricate Throttle Linkage Check
Fan Belt/Auxillary Drive Belts Check Check
Distributor Cap and Rotor Check
Fuel Filter Inspect/Replace
Spark Plugs Inspect/Replace
Cambelt Replacement Due Check and Report
Air Filter Inspect/Replace
Crankcase Breather Hoses Check
Brake Fluid Top Up Inspect/Top Up
Car Raised
Engine Oil Change Change
Engine Oil Filter Replace Replace
Oil Leaks Check Check
Gearbox/Differential Oils Top Up Top Up
Fuel Line Condition/Leakage Check Check
Driveshaft Gaiter Condition Check Check
Steering/Suspension (Play) Check Check
Suspension/Steering Grease Grease
Suspension Mountings/Springs Check Check
Shock Condition/Mounting Check Check
Exhaust System and Mountings Check Check
Wheel Bearing Play Check Check
Tyre Inspection (All Tyres)
Tread Depth Inspect Inspect
Tyre Wear? Tracking Needed? Inspect Inspect
Tyre Pressure Inflate Inflate
Pads (Front and Rear) Check Check
Shoes (Bonded or Riveted) Check Check
Discs/Drums Check
Calipers/Cylinders Check
Pipes and Hoses Check Check
Final Road Test and Report Issues
Fill in Service Book and Put Out Service Lights Where Possible

We also offer a Short Service, with a selected number of the above services and checks. Please contact us for details.