While owning and running a car is very expensive, there is a lot to be said for having your car serviced on a regular basis. At Nork Motor Engineering, we are recognised as car servicing experts in the local area and we look forward to keeping your car in great condition.

Choose the most effective car servicing in your local area

When it comes to having your car serviced, you don’t want to wait around too long. You want to ensure your car is looked after by professionals who are working effectively and efficient. Our team are fully trained which means you can expect the most efficient car servicing Sutton has to offer.

Car servicing that you can trust

In addition to having been around in Sutton for many years, we believe you receive the best level of servicing from us due to the fact that we have the best equipment. At Nork Motor Engineering, we invest strongly in reliable and dependable diagnostic equipment. We know a servicing is crucial for maintaining a cars condition and we want to ensure that your car is well looked after at all times.

We are here to service your car efficiently

When it comes to friendly and reliable service, we can’t be beaten for miles and miles. Our team will keep you fully informed of your car’s progress and if any problems arise, we will talk you through your options. No matter what condition your car is in, you can rest assured that we will keep you up to speed at all times.

We offer a wide range of benefits for all car owners

Our team is fully committed to providing you with the highest level of car servicing in the local area and we aim to keep you on the road at all times. If you want great service at all times, come and see us because:

  • All of our team are fully trained and highly qualified
  • We aim to offer the best value for money in the local area
  • We are in a convenient location
  • We have a sterling reputation
  • We use the latest in diagnostic equipment
  • We treat your car with the greatest care and respect

While it is likely that you know the benefits of having your car serviced on a regular basis is a sensible decision, it may be that you are struggling to justify the cost of doing so. We understand this, but our range of service plans and packages will ensure that there is something for everyone and every budget. To see how our servicing will boost you and your car, get in touch to arrange an appointment.